Sunday, April 10, 2011

Global Awareness Day

Tuesday was Global Awareness Day at OVU. We were supporting three separate causes :)

First, Eternal Threads:

red thread  The Red Thread Movement was started to provide assistance to victims of sexual slavery in Nepal. The bracelets are a promise not to forsake them. Want more info? Here’s the website: Red Thread Movement

Next, Give a Goat:

D395-0328-43.jpg Is that kid cute or what? OK, so the idea behind Give a Goat is that through donations,they buy livestock for families in under-developed countries. In these places, livestock is the currency, the status symbol, the only way to stay alive. It’s their food, their way to make money, etc. There is another way to contribute though. You can buy a bracelet:

photo(4) Look how it looks like a Jesus fishie :)

Finally, Toms Shoes:Barefoot for a Day. Toms Shoes has an interesting business model. For every pair of shoes you buy, the donate a pair to children in Africa and other areas. You can buy shoes here: Toms Shoes.

Every April 5th, Toms does Barefoot for a Day. Participants are encouraged to walk around barefoot for an entire day to show support for the mission of Toms Shoes. Here is a picture of some of our bare feet:

0405111659a The feet belong to me,Amanda,and Alicia.

I encourage you guys to get involved with any and every cause you can :) It seems to be great for the spirit and the heart :)

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