Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is a BIG DEAL….To Me

This was a big weekend, in more than a few ways. I had a super ton of fun. Friday we went to a party with a few friends, and I finally saw Tangled. super cute by the way.

I also realized something pretty important. As I was sitting in a room with my boyfriend and all of his buddies, playing Call of Duty, I realized that i didn’t mind it. Not only did I not mind it in the “oh, this isn’t actually fun, but I’ll suffer through it because I love him” way, but the “I love him, and I love being here with him,and I love his friends, and life is good” way. It was magic :) (but don’t tell him!)

Here is the BEST part. I bought a new pair of jeans :) When i began this whole journey, I was barely in a size sixteen. I wore them, but it was NOT pretty :/ However, I bought a pair of size FOURTEEN jeans yesterday! They are Sweetheart Dark wash from Old Navy and I LOVE them! Not only did I squeeze into them like I used to in sixteen's, but they look GOOD.

Life couldn’t be better :)

Have a great day Lovies!

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  1. Ok.. yay yay yay for you! You're awesome F! I'm really proud of you. And your face is fine.. :)Quarter? Jar? Rich!