Thursday, May 26, 2011

Final Post

Hey Guys,
I have this titled final post because, in a way, it is. I am not leaving the blogsphere, just moving to Tumblr. Tumblr is better suited to the limited time frame I have in which to write posts. I love you all! The URL is

Friday, May 13, 2011

Couch to 5K Training

Hey Guys!

Maybe this seems weird, but I’ll just throw it out there. My sister (Emily) and I have decided to do the couch to 5K training plan. I know that I have already done three race recaps on here,but all of those races have been run/walk and I want them to be all run. Emily has never,ever run before! So, needless to say, we gotta get her moving!

We just about finished the first week, but it’s going very well. The breathing has been a little tough, and my hip has been hurting a little, but it is going okay :)

What are you guys working on? any advice on breathing while running?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Race Recap: Eco-Thon 2011

OK, I know this recap is a long time coming(the race was Saturday), but this was finals week, and you know how it goes :)

This race was seriously…AWESOME.The course was super beautiful:

photo and another:

photo(5) Just amazing…It was a little chilly but not bad. My time was less than awesome, It being a trail race, stopping to take pictures, and just generally enjoying the day instead of rushing.

OK, the cool part…ANIMALS!

photo(6) This flamingo is so beautiful. So pink! My favorite little guy(spot):

photo(7) A BABY CHEETAH! He’s 6 months old:) I know it looks like he’s dead,but he’s just rolling around in his favorite kind of grass. Check out his stripedy tail!

So, This was by far the best race I have attended. It was very well organized,super fun, and a great experience. PLUS, the money goes to help endangered species!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Women’s Boxing…My New Passion?


So, you guys may think I’m totally crazy, but I want to be a boxer. OVU has started a boxing club, hopefully to be a team next fall. So before I tell you about my experience, let me tell you a little about the kind of boxing I'll be doing.

First of all, what I will be doing is very clean fighting. We will be going off a collegiate points system, as opposed to a knock-out system. Points are scored for clean hits, and when the buzzer sounds, she with the most points wins :D

salinas Featherweight Boxing prospect Jennifer Salinas…look at this chick’s ABS!!! She even has a son! Love her pink gloves :)

Alright, so we had our first workout on Thursday. I LOVED it :) We started with footwork, jumped rope for five minutes, learned jabs,crosses and hooks. We also learned combos one through five. I am still so sore that laughing hurts! We also got in the right with Mel(the coach) and punched at the pad things.

I feel that I can easily get obsessed with boxing. I feel so strong when I’m hitting something, I feel super fit, and really fast. I love it. Stay tuned for my new pink boxing gear!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

ABC’s of my life

This fun little ABC thing has been traveling around the blogsphere this past week, and I thought I would join in.

A. Age: 20, I’ll be 21 in September

B. Bed Size: Twin :( I’m at school….it sucks

C. Chore you hate: um, dishes? They tend to be…yucky.Plus, the last thing you want to do after eating is wash dishes.

D. Dogs: I have one :) He is half Chow, half Lab. His name is Toby,short for Tobias Marley, and here he is:

010 His ears are the cutest, huh? Literally, half lab, and half chow :D

E. Essential start to your day: FOOD. I get super cranky if I’m hungry for too long.

F. Favorite color: Green. Like, Grass green :) Specifically, the color your feet turn when you run through freshly cut grass on a summer evening.

G. Gold or silver: Silver, Gold washes me out.

H. Height: 5’3”….hehe :)

I. Instruments you play:  I played flute when i was younger and still mess around sometimes. I want to play the Lap Dulcimer

J. Job title:  Student? and also Youth Leader Intern

K. Kids: None now, but i plan on getting married someday and having two kids. I have a girl name picked- Lillie Rose.

L. Live: I live in Pennsylvania, but I am going to college in West Virginia.

M. Mom’s name: Mary Frances :)

N. Nicknames: Nichelle, sar-bear, F, frinnie… These last two are courtesy of Bestie Amanda:)

O. Overnight hospital stays: nope,never.

P. Pet peeve: I’m very confrontational, and I hate when people walk away in the middle of an argument conversation.

Q. Quote from a movie: “I know you can't understand. Apologizing to those men would have just been a different way of dying. Except I had to live with it.” – The Secret Life of Bees

R. Right or left handed: Right…of course

S. Siblings:  I have a brother and a sister, a step-brother and step-sister, and two more step-brothers on the other side.

T. Time you wake up: usually around 7:30 am

U. Underwear: Anything that makes me feel hot:D I love lace and bows and silk.

V. Vegetables you dislike: The only veggies I don’t love are Brussels sprouts and mushy squash. Emphasis on mushy….ew.

W. What makes you run late: Facebook and blogging. I get really distracted trying to “catch up” as I run out of the door.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: I have never had an x-ray.

Y. Yummy food you make: I make WICKED mashed potatoes:)

Z. Zoo – favorite animal: I really like watching the penguins, but petting a tiger is on my bucket list.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Global Awareness Day

Tuesday was Global Awareness Day at OVU. We were supporting three separate causes :)

First, Eternal Threads:

red thread  The Red Thread Movement was started to provide assistance to victims of sexual slavery in Nepal. The bracelets are a promise not to forsake them. Want more info? Here’s the website: Red Thread Movement

Next, Give a Goat:

D395-0328-43.jpg Is that kid cute or what? OK, so the idea behind Give a Goat is that through donations,they buy livestock for families in under-developed countries. In these places, livestock is the currency, the status symbol, the only way to stay alive. It’s their food, their way to make money, etc. There is another way to contribute though. You can buy a bracelet:

photo(4) Look how it looks like a Jesus fishie :)

Finally, Toms Shoes:Barefoot for a Day. Toms Shoes has an interesting business model. For every pair of shoes you buy, the donate a pair to children in Africa and other areas. You can buy shoes here: Toms Shoes.

Every April 5th, Toms does Barefoot for a Day. Participants are encouraged to walk around barefoot for an entire day to show support for the mission of Toms Shoes. Here is a picture of some of our bare feet:

0405111659a The feet belong to me,Amanda,and Alicia.

I encourage you guys to get involved with any and every cause you can :) It seems to be great for the spirit and the heart :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is a BIG DEAL….To Me

This was a big weekend, in more than a few ways. I had a super ton of fun. Friday we went to a party with a few friends, and I finally saw Tangled. super cute by the way.

I also realized something pretty important. As I was sitting in a room with my boyfriend and all of his buddies, playing Call of Duty, I realized that i didn’t mind it. Not only did I not mind it in the “oh, this isn’t actually fun, but I’ll suffer through it because I love him” way, but the “I love him, and I love being here with him,and I love his friends, and life is good” way. It was magic :) (but don’t tell him!)

Here is the BEST part. I bought a new pair of jeans :) When i began this whole journey, I was barely in a size sixteen. I wore them, but it was NOT pretty :/ However, I bought a pair of size FOURTEEN jeans yesterday! They are Sweetheart Dark wash from Old Navy and I LOVE them! Not only did I squeeze into them like I used to in sixteen's, but they look GOOD.

Life couldn’t be better :)

Have a great day Lovies!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Habitat for Humanity

Good Evening!

First, an explanation. I’m sure somebody has noticed that I haven’t been posting everyday. I have made a decision to only post when I have something useful to say. Since that does not occur everyday, I will not be posting everyday :)

OK! Yesterday morning, we got up early(for a Saturday)at 8 and we to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore:

RestoreGenerally, Habitat for Humanity builds houses for disaster victims and low-income families:

habitat-wall-raising  What we did however, is work with ReStore. They are one of the largest income sources for Habitat. They take donations of home furnishing items and sell them to raise money for their house projects. We worked to move a bunch of huge items from a warehouse the the store.

Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful organization that I encourage all of you to get involved with!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trail Runs and Hiking

Good evening friends:)

Really neat tech moment. We were reviewing for a test that I have tomorrow in my Personal and Community Health class.We did a game show-style review with multiple choice questions and these awesome clicker vote thingys:

016 It made reviewing so much more fun.

I love nature. I love hiking and I love trail runs.Yesterday, I went with Bestie Amanda on an “awesomesauce”(stole this from healthy tipping point :D) Hike. Here’s some pictures:

026 The sky looked awful, and rightly so. It started pouring on us, but it was okay,because it was super warm.

038 I thought this tree was cool, the way it curved around the other one.

022yes, this has been edited a touch :) 

Ok, so here’s the epic part. We saw this crazy oil thing tipped over in the woods. This is what it looks like :

049 This is what it said on the side: Parkersburg Rig and Reel:

055 What does that mean?

There are several more pretty nature pictures, I’ll post more later. Today Bestie Amanda and I went to the same trail and ran it this time. We had about a 10min/mile pace. Pretty good for me :)

off to homework! Love ya!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Race Recap: Coventry Challenge 5K

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” This quote by Neale Donald Walsch pretty much sums up my 5K experience.  If you had told me three months ago that I was going to be able to run a 5K without dying I would have laughed in your face. For a long time. Although my time was not anywhere near excellent( 40 min) I felt like a  million bucks. I got to run with a very dear friend of mine, and we got to catch up. It was a 5 min walk to the race, and the weather looked like this:

007It was about 7:20 am, if you wondered why the sun was rising as I was walking :) Pre-race I ate the yummiest(100% all natural) cranberry-oatmeal power bar:

005 I was thinking it might not be enough, but it was perfect. no nausea this race! I filled my water bottle with half water,half apple juice, and it was the perfect amount of pre-race sugar.

Ok, I am about to tell you about the best thing that has ever happened on this great,green earth. It is called Kiwi. Kiwi,(not talking about the fruit here, though it plays a part) is a frozen yogurt place that literally blew my mind. Here’s a picture:

kiwi The place is epic. The walls are lovely and pink, with giant kiwis painted on them. it felt like sunshine as soon as I walked in, but it got better. Along the entire back wall, there was self-serve frozen yogurt dispensers. There was about 30 different flavors, but that isn’t even the coolest part, the highest calorie count you will find in any yogurt is 120 for a half-cup.Better yet, there are several,very yummy varieties weighing in at only 80 calories! You fill your cup up with yogurt, and then it’s time to move on to toppings. There is just as many topping choices as yogurt choices. I topped my mango yogurt with kiwi,raspberries,blackberries and granola. SWEET!

Last but not least, i finally go my hair cut! I went with a sassy,shorter cut inspired by Miss Carrie Underwood’s Grammy look from 2010:

carrie ahir Here is how it turned out on me :

new picture It is way shorter than it was, but I love it! :)

Goodnight, and goodbye friends! Love you!

who has your favorite hair style?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trail Run and New Features

Hey Guys!

First off, I would like to direct your attention to the right of this post and the music coming from your speakers. I have uploaded my workout playlist( most of it) by request. The first song, spotlight ( Oh, Nostalgia) by Patrick Stump(from Fall Out Boy) is my current favorite song.I love it! watch the video, it’s super inspiring. secondly, I would like to direct your attention to not only the Daily Mile Training log, which I have had for a few days, but below that, a widget to list my upcoming races.( so you can keep track :D)

Bestie Amanda and I went on a run through a wildlife refuge today:

blog 002 It was awesome,fairly warm, and super muddy. There was a light mist going on sporadically, but it was mostly alright. The sky looked like this:

blog 011  Hence, the rain. But,i snapped a few “artsy” pictures for you to enjoy of our trip :

blog 022 I just thought the gold-colored leaves of this tree were cool.

blog 013I think this one might have been taken by Bestie Amanda. Check out her blog here :The Life You Are Given.

blog 005 I just LOVE pine trees,I always have.

Alrighty,it’s off to bed for me, have a great night!

what new and exciting in your life?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break Highlights

Good Afternoon,

I am sorry for my utter lack of posting this past week,I was on spring break, home with my family, and it was super chill. There wasn’t something epic and new to post about every day, so I figured I would wait and just give you some highlights afterward.

I had some awesome oatmeal:

016 1/2 cup of Irish Oats, 1/2 Golden Delicious apple, dash of cinnamon, 1 tsp brown sugar. To make it all better, the bowl smiles at me when I finish it all :D


017 I ran in the rain too.I did about 2 miles. It was about 55 degrees outside, and pouring. I had always heard that running in the rain is an amazing experience, check out this post on Healthy Tipping Point (my favorite blog to read) How To Run in The Rain (unofficially).So, back to my run. It was…amazing.I didn’t even need my ipod, nature was loud enough. The rain was warm,but cool enough to cool my face off. I felt like a Gatorade commercial,legit. It was fun, and exciting,and inspiring,and thrilling.

Sarah 002 Haha! I am so lobster red! here’s another:

Sarah 001

I am doing an impromptu 5k this coming Saturday. My old high school hosts a 5k every year. Being the weekend after spring break, I couldn’t run it. However, the boyfriend got a gum surgery done this past week, and we have to go back home to take the stitches out. yay! If you live in the Pottstown/Philadelphia area, you need to come check out the Coventry Challenge 5k!(Chances are, if you read this blog and do live in the area, you already are.)

ccs 5k It usually has a huge turnout, as you can see. I’m super excited :D

What makes you feel epic?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Next Race

Just writing that is intimidating and exciting and nerve wracking all at once.

Friends, consider me in training for a 5k. I know to some of you that is nothing. 3.1 miles, whatever. But to me, it is so much more. running a 5k, for me, means that I am slowly,and surely taking my life back. I am taking my life back from the side of me that says”you can’t do it”, “you are too fat to run”, “there is no way you’ll  make it” and “everyone will realize you are a failure and stop loving you”. Running, for me is so much more than being fit and healthy, and getting in shape, even more than losing weight. Running, for me, is a way to show myself that I am worth it, I can do it and I WILL do That being said, i am running the Eco-Thon 5k at the Columbus Zoo. It is through “the wilds”, which is really neat,because we get to run through all the different eco-systems. For example, we will run across the plains of ”Africa” and then break through a tree line into a rainforest!

With registration(which is super expensive $30) You get your t-shirt, and goodie bag, but also a pass to do the tour of the safari thing.

giraffes How cool is that?! Also, my honey may be running this one with me, along with Bestie Amanda and her honey.

Anyway, I am so super excited about this race, if you are anywhere is the general Columbus area, you should come!

wilds collage What is your next exciting adventure?

P.S- If you look on the left side of the page, under the about me section, you will see a brand new DailyMile mileage counter, so you can watch me train.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunsets and Tortellini

Good Evening,

Although the promise of Spring Break is in the air(we leave Friday afternoon) Midterms still loom overhead. I hate two actual Midterm tests, and the rest are just the teachers telling us our grades. I suppose I will survive.

Lunch was super yummy,they had a organic cheese tortellini, so I got a little of that and loaded up on veggies(mostly corn) and veggie soup:

001 Nomtastic…seriously,so good. Dinner was a marinated chicken breast with some mashed potatoes,green beans and tomato soup. I have been craving tomato soup like crazy and they happened to have made some tonight(I asked them to when I worked in the caf this morning :D)

002 Notice the lack of gravy on my potatoes :) I saw this ahhhh-mazing sunset as I was coming out of the cafeteria this evening:

004 Luckily I had the camera with me, this is why I tell y’all to remind me to keep it with me! Back to studying, wish me luck!

Is the there anything you are super stressed about this week?

Monday, February 28, 2011

Aftermath and Tornados

How do you even spell tornado? Did I spell that right? Anyway, we had a Tornado warning this morning and had to stand in the hallway for a while(no windows).

Aftermath refers to the fact that yesterday I must have done something to my back. I keep getting these random(and awful) spasms all through my back.

Lunch was this yummy sandwich and veggie soup:

002 Smoked Turkey, Cheddar,Tomato,Cucumber,Spinach, on wheat.

Dinner…wow. We had a wing bar…enough said. I ate this:

005 In my defense, I only had four wings, and less than ten fries.

Gotta go to bed!

what is your food weakness?

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hey Guys!

Today was a major accomplishment for me.I ran my very first race. I didn’t have any particular time goal, just to cross the finish line with dignity( that would be running,no tears,no collapsing when I cross the line). I did manage to meet that goal, although in this picture it looks like I am having a horrible time:

024 Don’t I just look fabulous(hah.)I did however, in full honesty, cry a little when I was done,(while wiping sweat on the boyfriend’s chest) I was upset at how awful my time was, I was upset that I was right in line with that cute little girl behind me, I was upset that I had to walk a few times, I felt inadequate. Stephen had to remind me that my goal was to finish, and that this was my very first race. I can’t be perfect the first time. It’s a learning experience and I did well.

I seem to have a terrible time savoring victories. I always have to point out the things I cannot do well, or won’t do well enough. It is so frustrating, because I know intellectually that I have done something well, and that I can accept it and congratulate myself. But, for some reason, I can’t make myself believe it.

For example, Body Image. I have lost weight, I have lost a good amount of weight.(comment for actual numbers). However, I still look in the mirror some days and just want to cry. I have to re-center my thoughts and turn them positive. You know what? That is the hardest thing I have ever attempted.

Alright, moving on to the actual race recap:) The weather looked like this:

020 It was that gorgeous in real life. It was about 60 degrees, super sunny, with a nice light breeze. OHMYGOODNESS.

Stephen got some weird pictures of us:

011 (coming out of the port-a-potties)this is before the race.

001 saying “can I please just put the stupid bib on before you take the picture?” :D

003 OK Cheese! Bestie ‘Manda is not showing her bib.

028 After the race: look how red our faces are! The boy is Kyle Browne ( he is on our cross country team).

026 Last finish line picture of me, and here is one of Bestie ‘Manda:

023 So, there you have it, my recap of the 2011 Cabin Fever walk/run.  ( with some two-cents..sense? because this is my blog after all, so you will be burdened with my opinions)

Have a great night!

Friday, February 25, 2011

A First.

Hey Guys!

So, I am doing something for the very first time on Sunday! I am running a race :D. This is such a big deal for me! I have wanted to run a race since I started this whole “revolution” with my life. This race takes place in Marietta, Ohio, at the Broughton Nature and Wildlife Conservancy. It is a 2 mile trail race with two pretty big hills,and I am so pumped! Here is a picture of part of the trail in snow:

better race pic It is super gorgeous up there. The trail is really well maintained,too.

As far as food today, I had this for lunch and dinner ( it was really good the first time so I had it again):

008 Grilled Chicken Breast Sammie with Cucumbers, Spinach,Cheddar, and Barbecue sauce. White bean soup on the side,with Tropical OJ to drink. Also, after dinner, I needed dessert:

006 A bite of Organic Banana Bread, Chocolate Pudding, and a sliver of Cheesecake with “mini Kisses” as Stephen calls them (choc. chips) :D sometimes, you just need dessert. I needed it. hah.

My favorite blog to read it you all need to read it, because there is an ahhhhh-mazing post about negative self-talk on there today.