Saturday, April 23, 2011

Women’s Boxing…My New Passion?


So, you guys may think I’m totally crazy, but I want to be a boxer. OVU has started a boxing club, hopefully to be a team next fall. So before I tell you about my experience, let me tell you a little about the kind of boxing I'll be doing.

First of all, what I will be doing is very clean fighting. We will be going off a collegiate points system, as opposed to a knock-out system. Points are scored for clean hits, and when the buzzer sounds, she with the most points wins :D

salinas Featherweight Boxing prospect Jennifer Salinas…look at this chick’s ABS!!! She even has a son! Love her pink gloves :)

Alright, so we had our first workout on Thursday. I LOVED it :) We started with footwork, jumped rope for five minutes, learned jabs,crosses and hooks. We also learned combos one through five. I am still so sore that laughing hurts! We also got in the right with Mel(the coach) and punched at the pad things.

I feel that I can easily get obsessed with boxing. I feel so strong when I’m hitting something, I feel super fit, and really fast. I love it. Stay tuned for my new pink boxing gear!

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