Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Next Race

Just writing that is intimidating and exciting and nerve wracking all at once.

Friends, consider me in training for a 5k. I know to some of you that is nothing. 3.1 miles, whatever. But to me, it is so much more. running a 5k, for me, means that I am slowly,and surely taking my life back. I am taking my life back from the side of me that says”you can’t do it”, “you are too fat to run”, “there is no way you’ll  make it” and “everyone will realize you are a failure and stop loving you”. Running, for me is so much more than being fit and healthy, and getting in shape, even more than losing weight. Running, for me, is a way to show myself that I am worth it, I can do it and I WILL do That being said, i am running the Eco-Thon 5k at the Columbus Zoo. It is through “the wilds”, which is really neat,because we get to run through all the different eco-systems. For example, we will run across the plains of ”Africa” and then break through a tree line into a rainforest!

With registration(which is super expensive $30) You get your t-shirt, and goodie bag, but also a pass to do the tour of the safari thing.

giraffes How cool is that?! Also, my honey may be running this one with me, along with Bestie Amanda and her honey.

Anyway, I am so super excited about this race, if you are anywhere is the general Columbus area, you should come!

wilds collage What is your next exciting adventure?

P.S- If you look on the left side of the page, under the about me section, you will see a brand new DailyMile mileage counter, so you can watch me train.


  1. I'm so beyond proud of you. Good luck in your race and training. And pet a giraffe for me, kay? Cause thems is coolz.

    And I love that whoever posted above me (Eva, perhaps?) said "thems is coolz".
    GET IT.
    Can you guess who I am, Sarah? It's pretty obvi.

  3. So, I'm definitely excited about both of this races, but the EcoThon especially only because whether or not I go to the Pottstown 5k, we will better trained for the Eco. And about the Pottstown, I'm working on mom.
    I hope that you're doing better than I am on the excercise train because my hands are barely gripping the rails. Your blog is much neater than mine by the way. Check it..

  4. Hey!
    I did read your blog, I love it :) We will be better trained for the EcoThon, but we will do fine on the Coventry Challenge. I did 2.5 in pouring rain today :D