Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trail Runs and Hiking

Good evening friends:)

Really neat tech moment. We were reviewing for a test that I have tomorrow in my Personal and Community Health class.We did a game show-style review with multiple choice questions and these awesome clicker vote thingys:

016 It made reviewing so much more fun.

I love nature. I love hiking and I love trail runs.Yesterday, I went with Bestie Amanda on an “awesomesauce”(stole this from healthy tipping point :D) Hike. Here’s some pictures:

026 The sky looked awful, and rightly so. It started pouring on us, but it was okay,because it was super warm.

038 I thought this tree was cool, the way it curved around the other one.

022yes, this has been edited a touch :) 

Ok, so here’s the epic part. We saw this crazy oil thing tipped over in the woods. This is what it looks like :

049 This is what it said on the side: Parkersburg Rig and Reel:

055 What does that mean?

There are several more pretty nature pictures, I’ll post more later. Today Bestie Amanda and I went to the same trail and ran it this time. We had about a 10min/mile pace. Pretty good for me :)

off to homework! Love ya!

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