Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break Highlights

Good Afternoon,

I am sorry for my utter lack of posting this past week,I was on spring break, home with my family, and it was super chill. There wasn’t something epic and new to post about every day, so I figured I would wait and just give you some highlights afterward.

I had some awesome oatmeal:

016 1/2 cup of Irish Oats, 1/2 Golden Delicious apple, dash of cinnamon, 1 tsp brown sugar. To make it all better, the bowl smiles at me when I finish it all :D


017 I ran in the rain too.I did about 2 miles. It was about 55 degrees outside, and pouring. I had always heard that running in the rain is an amazing experience, check out this post on Healthy Tipping Point (my favorite blog to read) How To Run in The Rain (unofficially).So, back to my run. It was…amazing.I didn’t even need my ipod, nature was loud enough. The rain was warm,but cool enough to cool my face off. I felt like a Gatorade commercial,legit. It was fun, and exciting,and inspiring,and thrilling.

Sarah 002 Haha! I am so lobster red! here’s another:

Sarah 001

I am doing an impromptu 5k this coming Saturday. My old high school hosts a 5k every year. Being the weekend after spring break, I couldn’t run it. However, the boyfriend got a gum surgery done this past week, and we have to go back home to take the stitches out. yay! If you live in the Pottstown/Philadelphia area, you need to come check out the Coventry Challenge 5k!(Chances are, if you read this blog and do live in the area, you already are.)

ccs 5k It usually has a huge turnout, as you can see. I’m super excited :D

What makes you feel epic?

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  1. Well, it makes me happy to see you running in the rain. That definitely shows dedication. Keep it up! You're a great person! You need to know that!!