Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunsets and Tortellini

Good Evening,

Although the promise of Spring Break is in the air(we leave Friday afternoon) Midterms still loom overhead. I hate two actual Midterm tests, and the rest are just the teachers telling us our grades. I suppose I will survive.

Lunch was super yummy,they had a organic cheese tortellini, so I got a little of that and loaded up on veggies(mostly corn) and veggie soup:

001 Nomtastic…seriously,so good. Dinner was a marinated chicken breast with some mashed potatoes,green beans and tomato soup. I have been craving tomato soup like crazy and they happened to have made some tonight(I asked them to when I worked in the caf this morning :D)

002 Notice the lack of gravy on my potatoes :) I saw this ahhhh-mazing sunset as I was coming out of the cafeteria this evening:

004 Luckily I had the camera with me, this is why I tell y’all to remind me to keep it with me! Back to studying, wish me luck!

Is the there anything you are super stressed about this week?

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