Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trail Run and New Features

Hey Guys!

First off, I would like to direct your attention to the right of this post and the music coming from your speakers. I have uploaded my workout playlist( most of it) by request. The first song, spotlight ( Oh, Nostalgia) by Patrick Stump(from Fall Out Boy) is my current favorite song.I love it! watch the video, it’s super inspiring. secondly, I would like to direct your attention to not only the Daily Mile Training log, which I have had for a few days, but below that, a widget to list my upcoming races.( so you can keep track :D)

Bestie Amanda and I went on a run through a wildlife refuge today:

blog 002 It was awesome,fairly warm, and super muddy. There was a light mist going on sporadically, but it was mostly alright. The sky looked like this:

blog 011  Hence, the rain. But,i snapped a few “artsy” pictures for you to enjoy of our trip :

blog 022 I just thought the gold-colored leaves of this tree were cool.

blog 013I think this one might have been taken by Bestie Amanda. Check out her blog here :The Life You Are Given.

blog 005 I just LOVE pine trees,I always have.

Alrighty,it’s off to bed for me, have a great night!

what new and exciting in your life?


  1. Yes, it was super awesome! But when the weather is not as wet, it will be extremely awesome! Good luck at the race on Saturday! Just remember to finish with your dignity:)

  2. Thank You Love! I will be sure to finish with my dignity intact :D I'll have to get ahold of you after for the juicy details.