Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Good Evening!

I had a friend tell me something interesting just a few minutes ago. He said “ you just have to know that this day, or week will be awesome, that’s all” This really struck a chord with me. You just HAVE to know, it will be…awesome. Nothing less. because, even if it’s bad, it can still be worthy of awe. Awesome. I love it.

Lunch was really yummy:

002 We had a Show Cookery Steak Salad Bar. They take steak strips and sauté them with onions and bell peppers and put it on top of your salad. NOMTASTIC! I also had some cantaloupe.

I always,always,always have the worst time trying to remember the camera when I eat, or run, or do anything. That being said, know that dinner was yummy, and that I ran 2.5 miles. After my run, I ate this :

003 Gala apple, Peanut Butter, and Mini Babybel cheese. It was delish. Okay so, question. What are your goals for this year?

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  1. Good for you, Sarah. It is so much better to battle the beast of food when you are young and not when you are a click away from ruining your health. Food fuels the body. It will perform according to what you choose to eat. My goal this year is to keep the allergy ridden foods out of my mouth, consume more 'real' foods, and start moving more. So far so good...I have so much more energy now and the doctor is pleased with my test results. This week is going to be an awesome week!