Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Deep Breathing…sometimes.


You guys have GOT to help me remember to bring the camera with me… everywhere :)

I had the most wonderful sandwich for lunch though:

001 Yes Mommy, that is that bread i used to hate. This is 12 grain and wheat berry bread. Organic…codeword for awesome :)On the sandwich, ham, Swiss cheese, baby spinach,and cucumber…touch of mayo on one side(it’s my weakness). Side of peas and carrots.

Dinner was spinach salad with cucumbers, and some turkey breast.. no picture. Before dinner i got in a little run( mile and a half) the weather was Delish.Small problem though…I couldn’t breathe! For some reason, I was having the hardest time, wheezing and huffing,gasping even, and the run was no fun at all. Luckily I had Yoga to practice some deep breathing. After Vinyassa Flow Yoga, I ate this :

002 I couldn’t eat it without it falling apart, so I crumbled it up :

003 Starting Friday morning, I will be live tweeting and posting from Winterfest in Gatlinburg,TN! Make sure you follow me @SarahNeeNLC :) You can find out more about Winterfest here :Winterfest!

Are you going to Winterfest? 

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