Sunday, February 20, 2011

Worthy:Winterfest 2011

Good Evening Loves!

I was told that my hotel would have wifi, and I was pumped to post over the weekend during my trip. Well, it didn’t work until last night and was spotty at best, so this post encompasses my whole weekend, and will have only one food pic. ha! The lines for the sessions were insane – there were almost 6,000 people in each one!


The theme of Winterfest this year was “Worthy”.This is sort of two-fold in the fact that it addresses the fact the God is worthy of our praise,worship,time,life,etc and that we are worthy of his love. I absolutely love this theme. There are SO many young girls,and even boys struggling with self worth. So many teenagers think that God could not possibly love them because of the things they have done or not done.

I was at Winterfest this year with OVU, which was strange. It is my fifth year going, but I have never done so in a “professional” capacity.We had a table set up in the convention center to lure in unsuspecting high schoolers:

019 The “older gentleman” is Gerald Cole, he works in admissions for OVU. OK, so super cool thing: this ball(below)is made of pure,solid,granite, it weighs almost 4,000 pounds, and sits on less than1/10 of an inch of water. However, you can push it easily in any direction and stop it from spinning to change direction. Here is a silly picture of the boyfriend with the ball :)

026 I had a really yummy dinner at TGIFriday’s Sat. night:

025 Jack Daniels chicken breast, mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. Nomtastic. Note that Stephen had chicken fingers and fries :)

Saturday night we walked around downtown Gatlinburg and found some of the cutest little shops and this pretty fountain:

029 Also, Stephen took a cute picture of us :)

033 It was raining,so I look like a hot mess, but it was fun :P Offto drown my cold with Nyquill!


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  1. Sarah It sounds like you had a super-fantastic time. Gatlinburg is a neat place. Grandpa Jim and I were there on our honeymoon. The Winterfest theme is something some many people need.