Monday, February 14, 2011

New Sink, Clean Room.

Hey Guys,

Since The Boyfriend took ten years to give me his camera back :), I only have one food picture for you,dinner:

036 Chef salad ( spinach,cucumber,tomato,turkey,provolone,ham) with steamed corn. Delish.

So, my roomie, Chelsea broke our sink last week. the pipe leading to the wall broke and the sink started to leak. Luckily, the replacement sink is awesome:

037 What we had before was just a small sink, no sweet cabinet. I love how big it is, so we can sit stuff on it. score!

We have a room cleanliness check on Wednesday, so my room is wonderfully spotless :)

I am off to study for a bible test and sleep,glorious,sleep.

Have a great night loves!

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