Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cabin Fever Practice…Kinda.

Good Evening!

I know it has been forever since I posted, and I am so sorry! I have been crazy busy with this Expressions! stuff.( if you don’t know, Expressions! is my school’s arts festival, and it’s super fun, just not fun to practice for.)

Today was awesome!I only had one class, and I sold my junker,useless car this afternoon! I also had the yummiest lunch, Chicken Ceaser Salad with Grilled asparagus":

007 After lunch, Bestie Amanda and I went on the most AHHHHHMAZING hike/run. We went to practice the race we are going to run at the end of the month, but we got lost.(haha!) We ended up doing four miles instead of two, and got super muddy and wet. I am so sore, but luckily,you have silly pictures to look at :

011 Me and my muddy sneakers( I had already traded them for my super comfy Crocs)

014 Bestie Amanda didn’t need Crocs..she’s too hardcore :)

022 Yes, she IS that much taller than me. After our run, on the way home, I decided to paint my nails neon orange, because I was going Glow Bowling tonight:


Well, Glow Bowling was awesome, but my pictures didn’t turn out. I hope everyone else had an awesome day too! I’m going to sleep until tomorrow afternoon :D

Nighty-night Loves!

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  1. sarah I love you and your muddy sneakers.... I need someone to run with COME BACKKK!!!!!!!!! Any ways keep up the good work I love you, See you at Spring Break! Love,
    Emily (your sister :P)