Friday, February 25, 2011

A First.

Hey Guys!

So, I am doing something for the very first time on Sunday! I am running a race :D. This is such a big deal for me! I have wanted to run a race since I started this whole “revolution” with my life. This race takes place in Marietta, Ohio, at the Broughton Nature and Wildlife Conservancy. It is a 2 mile trail race with two pretty big hills,and I am so pumped! Here is a picture of part of the trail in snow:

better race pic It is super gorgeous up there. The trail is really well maintained,too.

As far as food today, I had this for lunch and dinner ( it was really good the first time so I had it again):

008 Grilled Chicken Breast Sammie with Cucumbers, Spinach,Cheddar, and Barbecue sauce. White bean soup on the side,with Tropical OJ to drink. Also, after dinner, I needed dessert:

006 A bite of Organic Banana Bread, Chocolate Pudding, and a sliver of Cheesecake with “mini Kisses” as Stephen calls them (choc. chips) :D sometimes, you just need dessert. I needed it. hah.

My favorite blog to read it you all need to read it, because there is an ahhhhh-mazing post about negative self-talk on there today.


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