Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bad food makes me feel bad... enough said

This is going to be a super short post. Basically, bad food makes me feel bad.You don't need to read about all the specific symptoms, but just know that my tummy hurts. I had movie theater popcorn at the movies last night, and I had pizza today, and went out with friends for dinner. We had Mexican. I  worked out today, 4 miles on the elliptical. But get this, it was awful. No joy whatsoever. I felt sluggish,dizzy,and all over miserable. I blame the food.I thought it would be hard to get back on track, but it turns out that my body cannot stand the food I used to eat all the time. It won't be hard at all to get back on track. Hopefully my tummy will feel better tomorrow.


  1. I can tell just by reading this blog post how much you're eating/exercising affects your personality. In the previous blog you were super excited to tell us how healthy your meal was. It seemed like you had a much better day. In this blog you seemed so depressed to say that you had eaten unhealthy foods. Although,I'm super happy that you did the four miles!!
    I can relate totally to this blog. When I eat healthily I am more confident and feel great overall. I've gotten to the point where I only want to put healthy foods into my body. I know it runs better.
    Our bodies are like highly developed cars: Let's say you have a '93 Bonneville. You take care of it and fill it with Castro oil (or any efficient brand of oil) Naturally, it'll run like a champ because you are taking good careof it. Hittin it up with that TLC.
    On the other hand your mom has a 2011 Lamborghini and she puts walmart brand oil in and never takes it to get looked at. Naturally, it runs like junk! It's all about the way that you treat your body, no matter what condition it is initially in.

  2. Amanda, your car DOES NOT run like a champ :) but I do get your point. my entire body felt awful. I guess that's good though, because I know my food choices are changing my body :D

  3. I wish I could be like you and eat healthy...How do you do it??? i must learn!!! Anyways I love you sooo much sisterrr!

    love lots ,Emmy