Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mother Earth Foods

Good Evening,
I discovered possibly the only organic foods store in a 100 mile radius of my school. Mother Earth Foods. I didn’t have a ton of money to spend there, so I just got a few organic yummies.
Cereal, Gummies, Chocolate Peanut and Almond Butter, Popcorn, and Yogurt.
I had a crazy day today! Bestie Amanda slept over last night, and we stayed up super late and got up at 7 am to go and clean the locker room at the gym ( my work study) after that, We went to Mc Donald's for breakfast. I know, you’re thinking EW! But, here’s a treat for you :) I got Oatmeal and Orange Juice:
This oatmeal was seriously so.yummy. I loved it. Best of all, it rang in at 260 calories. score! Next stop of our day was Mother Earth Foods, and after that we went back to the gym to run:
062 Stats: Treadmill- 2.2 Miles, 2.0 incline, 28 min. Intervals: 3.2,5.5,7.3
Stationary Bike: 5 miles, 10 min, resistance 7
After Cardio, We did 3 sets of Triceps, Biceps, and Back rows. We also did plank 3 times, a min each. After the gym, we went to Bruch in the Cafeteria ( I had an omelet with Bell pepper, onion, bacon and cheddar) Naptime followed :)
Well friends, laundry is calling me, so goodnight!


  1. Hi Sarah It sounds like you are doing fantastic on the diet. I have been wondering about the McDonald's oatmal. Pretty good huh??

  2. It really is! I try not to think of it as a diet, because to me, that means I'm depriving myself. Also, if it were a diet it would stop eventually. This is a whole new eating plan for life :) It's working alright :)