Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Favorite Running Gear!

Hey Guys!
I was sitting here thinking about my run tomorrow, and it struck me just how much I love my shoes. I know it sounds silly, and I know that they are only shoes, but they are made of solid awesome. I have a pair of shoes i have desired since they first came out. I have the brand new Reebok RunTone shoes, and boy do they tone. This led to a decision about a new blog post! I decided you needed to know about all of my very favorite exercise gear. 
Lets start with the infamous shoes, pictured below.
Reebok RunTone

As I already said, I love these shoes. They fit like a dream, they are cushy and soft, like running on air. Those nifty little ball things on the bottom do a marvelous job of making my legs all deliciously sore.
Yes, the shoes are in this picture too!

Next, you will get to see my clothes! The black jacket is Nike, so super warm to run in the winter, and is also equipped with DriFit technology and super cool underarm vents. The shorts are Nike also, and part of the LiveStrong campaign.The top is from Wal-mart, but don't let that ruin it for you. It has a built-in shelf bra, and a media pocket on the top right side that my Ipod fits in. Pictured right.
Ipod and Beautiful New Water Bottle
Finally, you get a look at another very important component of my exercise routine. My Ipod. I am a music nut. i listen to music all, day every day. It really helps me get motivated, and stay focused. I put my new beautiful water bottle in the picture too, Pictured left.
Comment and tell me about your favorite gear! Have a great night.


  1. I caught up on your posts last night... and I dreamt about these shoes! I need them!

  2. They are truly amazing! I had wanted them ever since they first came out, and I was thrilled when my mommy got them for me!