Sunday, January 9, 2011

No Internet Means No Blogging and My Hatred for Road Trips

Good Afternoon!
So, I got back to school yesterday at about 4pm, only to find that the wireless was down,yay. This is the reason for not posting anything yesterday at all. Anyhow, I'm over it. All we did yesterday is drive, drive,drive,in the snow. We would go through these strange, random belts of practically blizzard conditions, then it would be completely clear. However, I did manage to eat fairly responsibly on the road,which is definitely a new life choice for me. Not a single bite of fast food!For breakfast I had a cup of mixed fruit, and ounce of sharp cheddar cheese, a BagelFull, and a bottle of orange juice. Pretty good if you ask me. Lunch was a Turkey/cheddar sandwich with tomato on a whole wheat bun, and a string cheese,Water to drink.
I hate road trips. I absolutely hate them. I am incredibly impatient. I just want to get where I am going. I hate sitting for so long, I get uncomfortable. I always get headaches, I always get carsick, and I always feel really dirty when I get where I'm, going, and now I feel really angry just talking about it, so lets move on.
I wish I had a camera to show pictures of things with. Any picture you find on here will have been taken with my phone, but it was dead for the entire trip yesterday. Dinner, however, was not a positive nutrition choice. The dining hall was not open when we got here, and may car is broken down. Unfortunately, that means ordering pizza to the boyfriend, so that is what we did. Pepperoni and Bacon from Papa John's, my favorite! 
On the topic of "New Years Goals", Mine are going fairly well, but not perfectly. Drinking three bottle of water is incredibly easy, so I'm not terribly worried about that one. I feel that I am keeping up with this blog well enough, and my food choices are acceptable. The two goals I am having a hard time with are moving everyday and praying every morning. I have not moved nor prayed yet since I've been back at at school(meaning today). I have been so busy unpacking and organizing that I have just not had any time.
Registration for this new semester starts tomorrow, and i am so excited for my new classes. I am taking Foundations of Fitness, and we learn about fitness one day of the class and work out the other two, it should be very fun. I also get to take a class called Personal and Community Health, and I'm pretty pumped about it.
Have a great Sunday, and COMMENT!


  1. Hi Sarah Glad you made it back to school safely. Hange in there. I bet when you get registered, get started in classes and in routine your schedule will be just fine! Love you

  2. You are better than me inside and out! I have a really hard time following through with my goals, and I admire your drive! You've definitely inspired me.. I wish you all the luck. Keep up with the prayer, that alone will change your day! :)

  3. Aw!Thanks so much, Mel, but I am not better than you! This is just the result of years of beating myself up about it and being so done :) I am glad I can inspire you though :)