Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Love Sore Muscles... and Hate Snow

Good Afternoon!
I hope that your day is going well. My day started off fairly well, then took a turn to awful. I was in such a funk, and just could not get a positive image of myself. I changed my outfit at least eight times, and just could not seem to get to a good place. Anyway, I went to class, after fiddling with my hair forever, and God arranged for me to get lots of compliments to make me feel better, thankfully. Lunch was steamed green peas, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and turkey breast.After class I went to the gym to pump out a real fast cardio session, I only had 45 min. I came back from the gym craving salt like crazy, so I popped a bag of light popcorn, and ate about a cup or two of it. The other awesome this is that when I walked into the room, my roomie, Chelsea had put a note on my bed that said " First off, you are amazing, secondly, you are beautiful, thirdly, you are beautiful" amongst other wonderful things. It totally made my day, and I had to write about it immediately. Now, to get to the things this post is supposedly about, my abs are SORE from my triple workout yesterday, very sore. Breathing,laughing,talking...pain.It feels wonderful. I love it when my muscles are sore, because to me that means I did something hard. Also, I hate snow.I grew up in Louisiana, and it never snowed. Now, the stupid, cold, wet junk is everywhere. For a long time too. I like it when it's falling, but if it stopped there, it would be great. Oh, dear, I'm ranting. Well, goodnight if I decide not to post again.
Have a happy Tuesday Night!

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