Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Goals 2011

Good Morning again!
My Beautiful Water Bottle
I don't really like the term "resolutions". it sounds all too final. Far too much pressure if you ask me. Because in the off chance that you cannot meet your resolution, you feel terrible, and beat yourself up about it. That cannot possibly be productive. So in this post, we will go with the term "goals". I think "goals" is a great word, and furthermore, I think that it is very important to have goals in life, whether they are set at the new year or sometime mid-year. I suppose now that I've ranted about resolutions and goals,you will want to know about my New Years goals  for 2011. Well, here they are!
  • I got this beautiful hot pink Contigo AutoSeal water bottle for Christmas. It is 24oz , and I plan to drink three full bottles full of water a day. So far, 2 weeks into it, I am doing even more that that, four or five! and yes, it is BPA free ;)
  • I plan to make nourishment choices that positively impact my Mind, Body, and Spirit.
  • I plan to keep a detailed journal of my food and beverage choices.
  • I plan to move in some way every day. I also got a Wii for Christmas, with the Zumba Fitness game. We have a workout room at school, and I do Vinyassa Flow Yoga every Monday and Wednesday night.
  • I am a Christian. I plan to start every day with prayer, and to write my goals for the day. Maybe I will even blog my goals.
  • I plan to start (and keep up with) a blog about my weight loss, fitness, and nutrition journey.
So there you have it, my goals! What are your New Years Goals? Leave comments! 


  1. About your plan for prayer - I suggest some kind of ORDERED prayer (just like ordered exercise or ordered diet - a PLAN makes it work better). You may consider starting by looking at the quick little daily prayer guide at my website:

    God bless your efforts!

    Cuz Ken

  2. Actually, Ken, I do have a plan! I usually follow the ACTS model. Adoration,Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication. It tends to work very well for me, but I will also check out you website, Thanks!

  3. There is also the model that I use for prayer, which is PRAY: Praising Repenting Adoring Yielding.