Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have a story for you. As I was lacing up my sneakers to go to the gym this afternoon, my bestie Amanda asked me a really great question. "How do you do it?" she asked. Laughing, I asked, "do what?". "stay motivated, and positive" she said. I had to think a while about that. How do I do it? Well, to start, I don't always. I am not in a constant state of positive sunshine. I get grumpy. I get anxious, and rude, and very down on myself. There are plenty of times that going to workout is the very last thing I could possibly want to think about doing. The best I could do was to give her the few tips I have. One of my biggest motivators is the way I feel after a really great workout. My skin gets all glowy, and I exist in a completely euphoric alternate universe. Another motivational thing for me, believe it or not, is cute workout gear. I wear super bright colors, and really fun fabrics. I love working out because it means I get to wear my favorite clothes :)Also, as with anyone, results motivate me. I love watching changes in my body,I like seeing muscles change and grow, it's very interesting to me.
So, even though I didn't have class until 1pm today, I got up at 7 am and went to work. I spent three hours chopping veggies :
  Miss Connie, who is super sweet, was standing on the other side of the counter icing cupcakes..which I did not eat:
Chocolate AND Vanilla!
 Lunch today was a baked potato bar, I added broccoli, cheddar cheese, green bell pepper, and a touch of sour cream. I also had green beans with Parmesan cheese, and cucumbers with my new favorite dressing (organic roasted french tomato- only 40 calories per serving):
After classes today, I went to the gym and repeated my workout from yesterday in contest form. Bestie Amanda and I decided we would both use a stationary bike for 30 min, with a 5 min cool down and see who got more miles in. She ended with 10.14 and I ended with 15.25 . I find contests like that to be fun and very motivational. I pushed much harder because I had someone to beat.
What motivates you?

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  1. I am motivated by results. When I start to see changes in my appearance from the healthy foods I'm eating and the miles that I'm running I start to feel all confident and happy. I love it!!! Another thing that motivates me is when someone actually can see the results. If a friend of mine (AHEM) tells me that I look good, then I have a better chance of continuing what I am doing. But the motivation has to come from inside and that's where it sticks.