Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Stationary Bike - Not For Wussies.

So,I think that Monday-Wednesday-Friday will be my favorite day of classes.Both of the classes that are actually for my major are on those days, Foundations of Fitness, and Personal and Community Health.I had a super yummy lunch of steamed broccoli, turkey,cheddar cheese,and a banana.Dinner was pork loin, baked red potatoes, and salad. My workout was hardcore today! I rode the stationary bike for 15 miles, resistance 12, rpm 90. It took me about half an hour, that's 30 mph!My quadriceps are killing, but I feel amazing.The stationary bike is very versatile in the fact that you can be a "wussie" and take it very easy, it's great for rehabilitation, or if you are new to exercise. However, you can also work your butt off and really get a great workout. Plus, if you need to read for class while you work out, you can do that!
I hope you all had an awesome day as well! Have a great night!

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